Let’s talk about SEX parties…

Admit it you’ve been guilty of throwing away a vote here or there haven’t you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone that was me post ‘Shout Out’. Perhaps you did what I did and thought,

“hmm… I like the beach and the environment I’m going to vote for Greens!”

Or, “hey I don’t mind catching a fish now and again I’m gonna’ go for the Shooters and Fishers Party!”.

Maybe you said to yourself, “Hell I like Sex and I want more I’ll be voting for the Sex Party”.

For me, it was the latter of the three. But the sex party does not assure that you’ll be getting laid anytime soon.  Here’s a basic run down of what wanting more sex will give you.

STI’s – no I’m joking.

Essentially the Australian Sex Party is a political spin off from the EROS Association (Australia’s national adult retail and entertainment association). So guess who is the leader of ASP? Yep, the CEO of EROS, Fiona Patten. This close-cut connection does pose questions of whether the Party is intent on benefiting from the commercial interests of the sex industry rather than seeking liberty for Australians.

The ASP aims to give freedom to the sexual needs of Australians. They are all about ‘relaxing’ the policies regarding the sexual expression and sexual free speech such as;

–          Development of a national sex education curriculum in schools beginning from K to final year.

–          R and X rating for Computer games.

–          Same Sex Marriage.

–          Equal numbers of women in Parliament.

–          Listing of Viagra and such drugs on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

–          Allow sex workers to travel to Australia and be applicable for a VISA. Trafficking would still be illegal.

–          Royal Commission into child sex abuse in religious institutions.

–          Support women’s right to abortions.

–          Support stem-cell research.

And soooo many more – Check them out here if you’re interested:


At the core of their policies is the decriminalisation of prostitution. Yep, that’s right prostitution would become legal. Before you get too excited about this, think of the implications this may have on society – are they good or bad? Follow this link to read more: http://theconversation.edu.au/political-party-or-lobby-group-the-dark-side-of-the-australian-sex-party-8525

They also have a strong stance on the decriminalisation of drugs. Now, there are positives and negatives to this policy. The negatives are pretty standard and I’m sure you can already think of what they are. But the positives? The ASP models their own policy on the drugs policy in Portugal. Since 2001 Portugal has banished the criminal penalties for the possession of drugs. Nowadays if you are caught in Portugal with drugs you are forced to face a panel (a psychologist, legal advisor, and social worker) who interrogate you to find out whether you are addicted to drugs, alcohol, and what not.

Basically it’s a backward approach to getting to the real problem – and it’s proven to have worked believe it or not.

Sexual liberty is the end of the rainbow for ASP and while some of their proposed policies are ‘out there’ they are backed up by intelligent reasoning, well mostly. Just remember that it is possible that “the commercial interests of the sex industry might occasionally clash with the pursuit of civil liberties, or other important things – like say, gender equality”. And then where does that leave us?


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