Sitting on the Green Fence

Let’s be frank. Many Gen Y’ers reading this have the guilty conscience of throwing away a perfectly good vote come election time to the Greens. Now, there is nothing wrong with voting for the Greens, if you’re voting for a reason, however many of us are guilty of voting for the Greens because the thought of voting for a definite party is daunting.
I of all people am not judging; to say that I have never done this would be a lie.
So in light of this I’m calling all fence sitters to look at why we vote for the Greens.

The answer is simple really, there is a large portion of voters in Gen Y that feel neglected and disengaged with leaders such as Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott, therefore the Greens is seen as the best viable option to avoid committing to either of the former parties. However, what we don’t know is that the Greens know this demographic all too well: long gone is the party that was radically in tune with the population, the party that challenged questionable legislation, and a party that gave hope to the voters who wanted something different.

The Greens, you see, have tapped into the largely disengaged group of voters to encourage voters in Gen Y to give their vote to the party without much thought, which may just be a wasted vote.

Benjamin Law explains this very notion in Has Labor Lost Gen Y:

The Greens don’t seem radical any more: they’re simply occupying some of the political space Labor left vacant years ago. Plus the Greens have professionalised, filling their ranks with level headed, media-savvy, intelligent MPs and candidates who have backgrounds in law, agriculture, design, social science, public health and medicine. They have become votable.

Votable they have become indeed, in the 2010 election the Greens received more than 1.6 million votes, many of those were due to Gen Y’s demographic. While they may not be the once radical environmentalist party that they once were, it is obvious that the fence sitters of Australia are more than happy to vote for the Greens.

The Greens have many good policies in the pipeline, such as improving high speed rail, implementing universal health care, and ending mandatory detention for asylum seekers. But let’s be serious, many of us vote for the Greens because it’s easier to see a vote go there way than to fully engage with what is happening in politics, and to make an educated and informed difference in our country.

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and find what policies best suit your needs rather than joining a growing demographic of Green fence sitters.


One thought on “Sitting on the Green Fence

  1. It’s funny, the Greens have these policies, for example ending mandatory detention for asylum seekers. But what the hell do they propose in alternatives? I bet if people really thought about the policies being enacted, and what would occur as a result, they would vote elsewhere. Problem is, people don’t actually think the Greens will ever get in. Wasted vote. Waste of space really…

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