A Little Bit of Stardust goes a Long Way

Zahra Stardust. A name many of us scoffed at when voting recently. A name that many know, but know nothing about. So who is Zahra Stardust? And more importantly, how does she hold up in the world of politics?

To keep it brief, stardust is a feminist stripper, whom employs sexualised shock tactics to get her point across. So what is her point exactly? She is a staunch feminist who lobbies tirelessly for gender equality and human rights, and she’s no dummy. With three degrees under her belt the lady knows what she’s talking about.

Stardust has high hopes of one day becoming the lord mayor of the City of Sydney, and although her most recent bid wasn’t as successful as the once pole dance champion would have liked; it sure did raise some eyebrows around town.

Her approach to politics certainly is different. Some of the policies Stardust would like to see come into legislation is a sexual education curriculum, removing the GST tax on tampons, and the extension of legal injecting rooms beyond Kings Cross, among many others. It’s possible to see why she may not be every body’s cup of tea; but at least she’s doing something different.

After all, shouldn’t we as Gen Y at least give this different approach to traditionally stiff politics a go? Now I’m not suggesting we all vote in favour of Ms Stardust next election just because her ideas on politics challenge the traditional norm, but perhaps the blonde bombshell is at least worth giving a look.


So go on, have a look: http://www.zahra.org.au


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