Police Commissioner apologizes for telling the truth

This is a guest blog from a regular ShoutOut! contributor, Lewis Bourke. Here at ShoutOut! we appreciate your support, and are extremely happy to publish content on issues you think are important!

Victoria Deputy Police Commissioner Tim Cartwright recently stated that Sudanese and Somalis in Victoria are statistically five times more likely to commit crimes than the average Australian, the most common of which are violent crimes such as assault and robbery.  These comments have led to a backlash from The Sudanese Australian youth action group, Marxist bloggers and so on. The overall sentiment has been that Tim Cartwright should apologize for these remarks because “his comments aren’t helping at all” and claiming discrimination, resulting in him apologizing; essentially he was sorry for telling the truth. Should he have apologized? Absolutely not.


Africa Media Australia reports that “The high-ranking police officer seems genuinely apologetic about the whole thing but many members of the african communities are calling for more action to be taken to ensure that no such statements are made in the future and that Victoria Police improves the way it deals with and communicate about african youths.” It is clear that the African community wants censorship on figures that should be public knowledge. Transparency and freedom of information might not be important value to African culture and government, but in Australia it is.  It is not wrong to release these statistics since according to Dr. Frank Ellis, these statistics help keep the public well informed and in turn it helps them to stay safer.


The criminal apologists argue that immigrants are predisposed to violence because of cultural factors. Even if this were true (which it’s not, at least not entirely) it is no excuse for violent crime and therefore there should have been no issue with these figures being released.  The argument has also been made that Sudanese crime only makes up 1% of total crime and there should be more focus on the 99%. This is a logical fallacy, however, since the issue is that this percentage is vastly disproportionate to the number of Sudanese present in Australia.


These figures are not just isolated in Melbourne, similar numbers exist all around Australia, for instance in Adelaide; “Reports from Adelaide show that over the past 16 months, 450 offences had been committed by 93 members of Adelaide’s 1500-strong Sudanese community, or put another way, a staggering 1 in 16 Sudanese refugees commits on average 1 crime every 3 months.” Aside from the statistics there is also a more noticeable violent streak in this crimes compared to the general population.  If Sudanese and Somali immigrant numbers continue to soar Australia will face a similar situation that many European countries such as Sweden currently face. In Sweden a large number of these crimes go unreported in the name of multiculturalism since they do not fit in with the media’s narrative of political correctness. Since the mainstream media has an aversion to reporting most ethnic crime, it is even more important that the police release relevant statistics to the public.


Despite all of this risk to public safety the government will obliviously accept an increased number of Sudanese and Somali immigrants next year. Why increase immigration numbers of statistically more dangerous people? What possible sound reason  or advantage could there be? It seems as though instead of acting in the Australian people’s interest as it is elected to do so the government has instead chosen to act in foreign interests.

By Lewis Bourke


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Africa Media Australia, 2012 http://www.africamediaaustralia.com/?p=1599

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