Opinion Piece: Asylum Seeking Children


Hide behind the false screens of ‘terrorism’ and ‘protecting the country’ as much as you want, the fact remains Governments past and present have been detaining asylum seekers for an indefinite period of time. Many of these ‘illegal immigrants‘ are children detained against their will for, on average, 2-3 years. This is pretty deplorable for a developed country that prides itself on its human rights record.  Or you may choose to hide behind the fact they are ‘illegal’. Wrong again, persons entering this country are NOT illegal when seeking asylum. In light of this, do you not think it abhorrent that children are detained for such a lengthy time for doing nothing wrong?

The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CROC), ratified by Australia, states that no child will be treated cruelly, and will only be detained as a last resort, for the shortest possible time. Is detaining a child against their will not cruel? Numerous reports detail the psychological harm detention centres have on children, yet we continually deny them basic human rights.

You’d think after spending millions of dollars bombing the shit out of there home country in the first place, we would be a bit more compassionate when they arrive on our doorstep in need of help. But no, the inhumane and unjust treatment continues.

The action needed to stop the detention of innocent children must come from us, the youth of this country, and it needs to happen now, otherwise we will be looked back upon by our grandchildren as the generation that stripped the freedom and liberty of those poor kids.


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