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Is Abbott a misogynist?

OK, so is Abbott a misogynist or not? Let’s evaluate this in terms of policy, not in terms of budgie smugglers, cause we’re better than that right? “The government operates on the basis that Tony Abbott’s weak point is his ”woman problem”, which shows in polling. Many female voters find his style excessively aggressive and … Continue reading

The Alan Jones Saga

 Who is he?   An overly opinionated ABC broadcaster for the 2GB morning show.   Whats the fuss?   Jones stated that the death of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s father was because he had ‘died of shame’ over ‘her lies’. Ouch. Even Liberal leader Tony Abbott thought this crossed the line.   The Aftermath   … Continue reading

Let the Policies do the talking

It seems that taking some time away from the media spotlight has done Julia Gillard some good, with her popularity increasing in the recent Newspoll, gaining a big five-point swing to Labor. This puts the Gillard government in a somewhat comfortable position in comparison to previous Newspolls, which haven’t been so kind. Current stats prove … Continue reading

Islamic Protests: spitting in the face of Australian multiculturalism

I’m writing this entry today out of pure fury. We value multiculturalism in this country. Our constitution prohibits our government from any interference with the freedom of religion. We value freedom of expression. But when chants such as “Obama, Obama, we love Osama”, and signs projecting discriminatory thoughts such as— “behead anyone against Islam”, fill … Continue reading