Perspective on Politics: Gen X Spill the beans.

Political enthusiast and general Gen X ranter, Jeff Lewis, was happy to sit down with me to share his views and opinions on why us Gen Y’ers aren’t interested in politics.

The man in question also happens to be my dad, so there was really no holding back.

One thing I’ve always been interested in is the thought that perhaps it’s not just our generation that isn’t motivated by politics; perhaps it is simply an issue that permeates the youth of all past generations. But this very idea was quashed before I could even finish the sentence. “It’s unique to your generation”, interrupts pop. “Past generations have had something to either fight for, or against. In my generation, we had the war, and the youth weren’t having a bar of it”. I start to get the overwhelming feeling that I’m in for the long haul with this discussion…

So why aren’t Gen Y into politics? According to the old man on my right, it’s because we are a generation that simply doesn’t care, we are a generation that doesn’t get involved, and above all else, we are a generation that has the assumption that “everything will be alright”.

This ‘she’ll be right’ attitude is what I love about this generation, I disputed, but the old man does have a point. Now not putting everyone in the same basket, but I know that for myself, and the majority of my friends, do have that attitude towards most things. Yes, it’s good to have a laid back attitude, but maybe we should stand up and start giving a thought to which policies are shaping our future.

We are a unique generation in the fact that we don’t really care too much about anything. However, as Gen X starts to age and slump into a happy retirement of gardening, it’s our turn to amp up the fight against what should, and shouldn’t be happening to our country.

Sure, it’s easy enough to write this, and saying isn’t doing, but that’s where the transformation has to take place. We need to put our money where our mouth is.

So c’mon Gen Y, get to it!


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